How Can We Help You?

01. Why do I need to buy it when I can write the notes myself?

We actually encourage people to write motivational quotes on a paper, if purchasing No Name Hero is not in your best interest. We also provide a free PDF file filled with 50 quotes from the No Name Hero motivational pack. However, you would have to be granted permission by our team if you want to use No Name Hero's quotes for commercial use.

02. What is the purpose of these cards?

Each No Name Hero card aims to relieve the growing issues of mental health and rising suicide rates as well as the divides caused by religious, racial or political beliefs. Though it won't be a quick fix, but it's a step towards rebuilding a supportive community, we all loved once. With 50 motivational quotes, these cards are a small gesture to lift spirits and connect people, reminding us that kindness can make a difference in these challenging times.

03. How do I get a free PDF file of No Name Hero's quotes?

All you have to do is subscribe using your email below. Then we'll send free PDF file to your email, along with all the motivational quote inside the No Name Hero card pack.

04. Is there a different edition, aside from the motivational pack?

We're on the process of developing more editions!! Stay tuned!!

05. Can I get No Name Hero card packs from a retail store?

No, it's currently not available at any retail stores such as Target or Walmart. However, if opportunity arise, we'll love to get into it! 

06. Is shipping free?

Yes! Regardless if you ordered 1 or 100, there will be no shipping fee charged.

07. If my products came in defected, what do I need to do?

If you ever receive a defected product, let us know by sending us an email or filling out the contact form. We'll send you another product or give you a full refund, whichever you prefer. 

08. Who am I supposed to give the cards to?

You can give your cards to anyone you want to share kindness to. Whether it'd be someone from your school, work, or a random person at a restaurant! Like our brand name No Name Hero, you can be someone's no-name hero!